Integrity. Commitment. Resolve.


I want to thank my family, friends and volunteers for their hard work and support. I also want to thank the voters who checked my name on the ballot. They understood that the issues facing our state need moderate, thoughtful people who can go beyond party ideology and focus on solving problems together.

Best wished to the candidates in the general election.

My Priorities

As your State Representative, I will focus my efforts on issues you’ve told me are priorities:

  • Business growth and job creation
  • Quality education for all
  • Good stewardship of your tax dollars


I am a moderate Republican – like many in our district, I consider myself a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. I promise to govern with integrity, honor commitments and resolve to move our state forward.

As a longtime community volunteer, school board member and business owner, I’ve never considered myself overly partisan. While running for a partisan office is a first for me, I am confident that my views on key issues align with residents of this district and I look forward to meeting and talking with you over the coming months.

We need to focus on our state, by delivering quality education to all our children, being good stewards of our tax dollars and driving innovative business growth.

As a strong believer in servant leadership, I will work with you for the common good. Good government is the acknowledgement that other viewpoints exist. It’s valuing those differences and finding common ground that will allow our communities and state to move forward.


We need to focus on delivering a world-class education to all our children, providing the skills and education needed to have everyone prepared for the world of work throughout Minnesota.

Our schools are the cornerstone of thriving communities and free public education is a hallmark of our country. A high school diploma needs to open the door to the next level of education that will allow all kids to participate in our ever-changing job market with transferable skills. Our businesses are looking for qualified workers, it is important that our schools focus on both career and college readiness, matching students to the right post secondary opportunities for them.

I will work to change teacher licensure requirements so we can create opportunities for people wanting to pursue a second career in teaching. Our state needs focus on testing that works, giving a true picture of a student’s skills and knowledge so together teachers and parents can help their student be successful.

Parents want choice, we need to increase the number of high-quality school options for each student, enabling parents and students to select education that meets their needs and helps them reach their potential.

Finally, school leaders should be given maximum flexibility to ensure that effective teachers are retained with the ability to terminate teachers who are not performing up to the state’s standards.


Minnesota is blessed with a number of Fortune 500 companies and a growing list of entrepreneurial start-ups and small businesses. From Cargill, the largest privately owned company in the world to Code 42, which just received Eighty-five million dollars in venture capital to the local service company just down the street, all are providing jobs for Minnesota residents.

We need to focus on smart policies that promote job growth and economic development for all. Minnesota hasn’t made a concerted effort to drive innovative business growth through successful incentives and pro-jobs tax policies in years and we need to

Matching workforce development to business needs is critical to make sure our companies have the talent they need to grow and compete in a global market place. I support the use of data-driven efforts to understand supply and demand projections including potential areas of shortage and high-growth. Then we can tailor our workforce programs to meet those needs.

The minimum wage law and labor mandates create a continuing barrier to growth in our state. Counties, cities and townships should not be able to enact their own minimum wage laws or benefit mandates. Indexing the annual minimum wage to inflation must be repealed.


The state needs to practice good tax policy and spending to guarantee Minnesota is acting as a good steward of your hard–earned money. Taxes fund many important functions for our state including law enforcement, schools, roads and infrastructure.

Tax policy can also drive economic growth when used effectively. But Minnesota has one of the least competitive environments for business development due to our uncompetitive taxes for businesses. We need to enact meaningful business property tax relief, enhance our use of a research and development tax credit and allow for a tax credit for those investing in the next wave of companies called the Angel Tax Credit.

Tax reform at the individual level should include cutting or eliminating taxes on marriage, Social Security and Veteran’s benefits. We should conform our estate tax to the federal levels.

How you can help

I need your support of my candidacy; through your volunteerism, and your donations to my campaign and the relationships in the community that only you have.


With your support, I can be a voice for education, business growth and tax reform at the capital and I promise to represent our district with integrity, honor my commitments and resolve to move our state forward.

Thank you for your donation and any amount is appreciate. The campaign maximum is $1,000 per person and a couple counts as two people.




Listening to the community is critical to representing them well. This summer and fall I plan on door knocking and talking with as many people as possible, and I could use your help.

There are also many other ways to help with your time, talent or treasure. You cold host a meet and greet in your neighborhood, let us put a lawn sign in your yard, walk in a parade, make some calls, write a letter to the editor, contribute to my campaign.

Let us know how you can help!

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